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Anonymous said: Loooooooool sorry mate. Can you still drive though?

i can drive, just not legally hahahaha

Anonymous said: who are the people you love the most?

mum, family, mary and the closest boys (but in a brotherly way)

Anonymous said: like learner, restricted or full?

you asked what license do i have and im answering saying what license…

Anonymous said: what license do you have?

what license?

Anonymous said: Pomeranian-husky called Dexter ? :D

nope haha

Anonymous said: given up smoking eh?

yeah most defs haha

Anonymous said: Dinner next Tuesday?

home cooked at mine? come off anon haha ;)

Anonymous said: favorite person?

probably my mum haha

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Anonymous said: If you were a car, what car would you be?

i would be a bently continental gt